Last Minute Moves

Opportunities, or other situations, can present themselves without warning. Don’t let the fear of a difficult transition stop you from making the most of your situation.

If you need a Calgary moving company for a last-minute move, you need Super Duper Movers. We will set up a moving date and time that fits your schedule. Whether you’re moving minutes or miles away, we can assist you through the variety of moving services we offer. You can rent or buy moving boxes, get help packing, or just get assistance with the pick-up and delivery of your things. We can even disassemble your furniture for you.

Call 587-229-0673 or email right now to book our Calgary movers for your move.

By making use of our Corrugated Plastic Wardrobe Moving Box package, you can save hours of packing time, money on cardboard boxes, and be environmentally friendly. This Go Green option allows you to leave your wardrobe hanging in the closet for our movers to pack. When we come to pick up your belongings, we’ll provide and pack these plastic moving boxes with your clothes to save you the hassle.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

If you want more than just your wardrobe packed we can accommodate that as well. You can choose a variety of containers from the three size selections we offer whether you decide to rent or buy your moving boxes. Or, you can go bigger with the Super Duper Packer. When you purchase this, we will provide you with a plastic moving container that can hold two 60” flat-screen TVs as well as your framed photos. This Go Green moving option can help you save hundreds of dollars in time and money.