Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you insured?

Yes, Our Basic/Standard insurance is $2 per pound, way about industry standard.

Any hidden charges?

No, we have clear and transparent billing.

When should we book our move? 

ASAP, as soon as you have a move date, you should book your movers.

Will you move plants? 

Plants and planters don’t move well in trucks. They are best to move yourselves. If the movers take your plant, we are not responsible for any damage and please don’t water before the move.

Do you do disassembly of beds and other furniture? 

Yes, and is charged by the hour.

Are there any items you don’t do disassembly and reassembly on? 

We don’t disassemble particle board like Ikea wardrobes and closets, or items with electronics like treadmills.  

What if I have to cancel or change move day? 

Contact us right away to check availability. We will do our best to accommodate your move.

Do you rent out tote boxes? 

For the reusable tote boxes, contact for rates. We will be happy to do the move?

Do I need to be onsite for the move? 

We only require some one for the initial walk through. We will need a contact name and number for any questions.

Do you offer full replacement value?

Yes, will cost 7% of item and must be declared and accepted by us at least 10 business days prior to move. We will either have professionally repaired or compensated.

Any heavy charges or specialty items charges? 

Yes, depending on the item and weight, plus where in the house it goes could be an extra fee. Common items that may or may not have this fee are Safes, Piano, and Treadmills. Please note your heaviest items during booking process.

Can you direct bill my employer?

We will require authorization letter from your employer with billing instructions.

Do you offer packing services? 

We are partnered with a top local packing service in Calgary.

Can I get a ride in the moving truck?

No. For insurance purposes only staff of Super Duper Moves Inc. are allowed in moving vehicles while goods are being transported.

Is there a minimum charge to hire your moving company?

Yes. There is a three hour minimum charge for first job of the day with a 2 man crew for first job of the day, and we have a 1 hour minimum charge for second job of the day. We follow all labour codes of Canada.

Are your moving trucks reliable?

Yes. We regularly inspect and maintain our moving trucks, but if they do happen to break down we reserve the right to rent a truck for your relocation.

Can I, or my friends, help?

Yes. You are paying by the hour, so the extra help will reduce your moving costs.

 Are there any items you do not move?

We do not move propane, gasoline, guns and ammunition, and priceless art.