Packing & Unpacking


The most dreaded aspects of any move are packing and unpacking. Putting all of your possessions into boxes only to turn around and take everything back out in a new place is frustrating and time-consuming. Calgary moving company, Super Duper Movers, can take the hard work out of your move by doing the packing and un-packing for you. Simply call us to schedule an appointment and we will come by to assist you in packing for your move. Not only can we box everything up, we can also disassemble and reassemble your large pieces of furniture for you.

Plastic Wardrobe BoxesHave you ever wished you could leave your clothes in your closet during a move so that someone else can deal with the hassle they create? Then our Corrugated Plastic Wardrobe Boxes are for you. Simply leave your clothes hanging in your closet, and when our professional Calgary movers arrive, they will pack your clothes into the wardrobe boxes we provide in a matter of minutes. Not only do you save lots of time, but renting our plastic containers is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying cardboard moving boxes that will only be used for a few hours.


Super Duper Packer

If you have larger items that you want us to pack for you then you should consider the Super Duper Packer option that we offer. This is another great way to reduce cardboard waste, and it can help save room in the truck, which means fewer trips between locations for you. This Go Green selection provides you with a box that is 59” long, 35” high, and 30” wide that we’ll pack for you. A box of this size is able to hold two 60” flat-screen TVs plus your pictures and other valuables. What you save in both time and money with this option amounts to hundreds of dollars.

Our goal is to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. We have all the necessary moving supplies to handle your needs, from moving boxes to professional packing. When moving with us, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands since we are a fully insured Calgary moving company. Whether you pack it yourself or let us do it for you, you’re in good hands when you choose Super Duper Movers.